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Fall plans

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Visit a museum, lose yourself in a bookshop, go out for afternoon tea, enjoy beauty session, or watch a play, fall is here and it’s time to organise the diary to make the most of the new season.

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Visit bookshops

Discover new interactive stories, adventures or fairy tales to transport your kids to faraway fantasy worlds.

In Paris: www.arbrealettres.com
In Barcelona: www.abracadabra.com
In Nueva York: www.booksofwonder.com

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Natural history museums, transport museums, science museums; each city has its own range of cultural activities that are well worth investigating. Make learning a fun thing to do.

In Londres: www.tate.org.uk
In Nueva York: www.amnh.org
In Madrid: www.museodelferrocarril.org
In Barcelona: www.cosmocaixa.org

Planes de otoño | Paper Massimo Dutti

Beauty session

Massages, nails bar, playing hairdressers or making your own perfume. Traditional birthday parties are a thing of the past. What’s all the rage for goals now are beauty parties

In Madrid: www.princelandia.com
In Barcelona: www.thebeautery.es
In Londres: www.grumpybutgorgeous.com

Planes de otoño | Paper Massimo Dutti

Coming right up!

The recent fashion for cooking and all things “food” isn’t only for adults. There is an endless range of activities in each city which will turn the kitchen into a new playroom.

In Nueva York: www.thecreativekitchen.com
In Madrid: www.mamacampo.es
In Barcelona: www.escuelacocinaboqueria.com

Planes de otoño | Paper Massimo Dutti

In the open air

Look after an allotment, interact with animals or launch yourself into the air on the vines and zip lines; things to do in the open air that always give good results.

In Madrid: www.dehesaelmilagro.com
In Girona: www.costabravaparcaventura.com
In Barcelona: www.ruralit.es