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Back To Normal

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Grace Elizabeth
Hair Stylist: Damien Boissinot / Make Up Artist: Christelle Cocquet

Shortly after more than half the planet was confined to their homes due to a pandemic, we appreciate symbols that convey more positivity more than ever. Renowned international model Grace Elizabeth is one of our guests and she reveals a city that has reawakened and enjoys the little pleasures of everyday life.

The city awakens after a long period of lethargy where reflection and enjoying the smallest pleasures are at the top of our new list of priorities. Society continues on its course. And fashion reflects it. ‘He who sees only fashion in fashion is a fool’, said Balzac. Because nowadays, fashion regains the role of being a pulsimeter of feelings and moods. Brands like Massimo Dutti show their values and are more faithful than ever to their essence, that savoir faire that surrenders to rigour, excellence and what is truly essential. Everything that creates a new language for daily wear dress codes.