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Green is the color of the moon

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What do you want to be when you grow up? When a star reaches the end of its life, all elements that have been created in its centre disperse into space and become part of the interstellar gas and dust clouds. These elements are the seed for new generations of stars, planets and life.

Earth is over 4.54 billion years old. And this little story that unites Jeanne and George is the reflection of shared experiences. Jeanne is 9 and a half. She takes photos of the things in front of her because Jeanne already knows that she will one day see the earth from the moon and she doesn’t need to be told that she will miss it. She says she will keep the photos in her pocket so she will always have them handy. George is 8 and a half. And both have something in common; just like most stars travel together through the galaxy. Inside the observatory, this one becomes his special galaxy. Both eyes are closed to discover the new things they learn, the colours around them or the constellations that come to life. And this is how each pair of eyes looking at the sky creates a new point of view. The fantastic space.” What do you want to be when you grow up? An astronaut? An adventurer? A scientist? …

Starring @zelie_eeckhoutte as Jeanne & Auguste Laczewny as Georges

Directed by @martinsalvador

Written by @paulaayet & @martinsalvador

Director of photography @sergicg.dop

Styling @marinagallo_m

Music by @nilciuro