Massimo Dutti & the Theodora Foundation

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Massimo Dutti & Fundación Theodora
In search of a smile

Since 1990, Massimo Dutti has been cultivating a close relationship with elite members of the world of show jumping, concentrating on sponsoring the most important international show jumping competitions, events that have become top-level social occasions.

For some time, one of the initiatives that Massimo Dutti has been using to surprise visitors to these competitions held in Spanish cities is a project called the Little Riders Corner; a sporty and entertaining space that the brand creates for little ones with activities to make them feel like real jockeys.

This year, the national equestrian events where Massimo Dutti will have a presence include the cities of Madrid in the summer and A Coruña and Barcelona next winter. Following the investment programmes that the brand has been running with well-known and experienced non-profit organisations, all these sponsorship activities will be run in collaboration with the Theodora Foundation. The Theodora Foundation Is dedicated to making boys and girls happier during their stays in hospital, with the participation of the “Smile Doctors”. The Smile Doctors are professional artists with a minimum level of acting experience and used to working with children and teenagers.

With this initiative, Massimo Dutti and the Theodora Foundation hope to create the happiest and most sporting smile in the world to remind people of the incredible power of this simple gesture, and hopefully get them to smile too. In addition to these events, Massimo Dutti will make a donation for each kilometre that the children cover in their show jumping activities in the Little Riders Corner.