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Massimo Dutti personal Tailoring

The exquisite world of tailoring, and in particular the extraordinary needlework of master tailors at the top of their fields, has been the inspiration for Massimo Dutti’s Personal Tailoring. A tradition updated within the parameters and expertise of the most refined, rigorous, functional and highly innovative tailoring.

Massimo Dutti suits can be personalised in myriad different ways and the result is unique suits with architectural lines, exquisite cuts and hand-crafted finishes created using top-quality dressmaking techniques such as half or full canvas. The process is very simple and consists of choosing from a wide range of top-quality exclusive materials and design options and personalising each shape and detail.

New Behaviour

by David Gandy

Perfectionism is the key and is always present in the new tailoring of the 21st century, guaranteeing sophisticated elegance while remaining accessible.