Special Collaboration. Abe The Ape

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Massimo Dutti once again shows its commitment to the art world through a collaboration with Abe the Ape, an artist who has created a limited edition sweatshirt. A piece inspired by the art of travelling and the joy of sharing the experience of travel and discovery.

You became famous for illustrating ceramic pieces, although your background is in fashion. Have you gone back to your roots?

I never left them. I am a designer and illustrator. Ceramics is simply another format that fate placed in my path. Any format is suitable for my designs, whether that’s ceramics or textiles. Ceramics was a question of wanting to make my name and of logistics. When you’re starting out, fashion is difficult to break into.

What have you been influenced by and what have been your greatest sources of inspiration?

Cinema in general and specifically animation. In particular, classic films from the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 30s and 40s and mid-century American animation. Also fashion illustration, people like René Gruau and Kenneth Paul Block.

What is the project you look back on most fondly?

I remember one in particular, the Antología de la Zarzuela record cover. I enjoyed modernising something so seemingly old-fashioned like our lyrical genre. Also, they gave me complete freedom and I think the result was wonderful. When you’re allowed to do what you want, the desire, excitement and love that you bring to the project is clear and I think that’s reflected in the final result. Also projects for big brands like Massimo Dutti, because of the visibility and prestige and the excitement of seeing that brands you admire want to work with you.

We live in a time when travel isn’t so much about the experience as about showing off that experience on social media.

What inspired you to collaborate with the Massimo Dutti B&G collection?

Travel and how we used to enjoy travel. We live in a time when travel isn’t so much about the experience as about showing off that experience on social media. People have forgotten to enjoy the moment. They don’t want to be in the moment, they want to show it off. I’ve gone back to the beginning, to those wonderful luggage labels all travellers used to have.

Are there any upcoming creative projects in 2020 that you can tell us about?

As a freelancer, I can’t be specific, but I do have a project I’m really excited about. With regards to my business, ABE THE APE, I’m developing lots of new things, almost all ceramics, but one thing I’m really pleased about is my first pieces of furniture.