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The Campaign FW19 | The film

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A night with games and fun at a park in New York bathed in the last sunlight of a summer about to end. This is the story of the campaign for Massimo Dutti’s new FW19 Boys’ & Girls’ Collection. A visual tale narrated through the lens of Sean Thomas, where nonchalance and joie de vivre set the pace.

The story takes place in September. A magic word with connotations of beginnings. A term that evokes beginnings and new beginnings marked by the enthusiasm for discovering, learning and starting new challenges. Just as this challenge pushes Massimo Dutti once again to the presentation of a new collection inspiring looks that promise to play with changing traditions and give a nod to spontaneity and optimism.


Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY

Photo & video @seanthomas_photo 

Styling @marinagallo_m

Hair & Make up  @thoravikar

Production @paulaayet & @lhphotoagency

Talents: Tristan Robinson, Hudson Cryder, Oscar Mckenzie, Sophia Getz, Aryanna G, Chloe, Legend