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Studio Collection

With its new Massimo Dutti Studio collection, the brand takes a step further in its commitment to the avant-garde and frames its new line in an aesthetic universe that has to do with the urban environment.





The entire Studio collection has been constructed from a single creative discourse and framed in an avant-garde urban microcosm.

The result is clear to see with iconic garments that are reinvented through an architectural approach centred on selected materials, modern silhouettes and an emphasis on research.


Massimo Dutti Studio

For the presentation of Massimo Dutti Studio, the brand created three new audiovisual pieces that reflect the aesthetic universe of the new collection.

The event organised to present the new collection brought together fashion prescriptors and international specialised press and they were able to enjoy a music session with a DJ, as well as a live experience with the renowned ceramist Mark Schneider.