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Massimo Dutti’s latest bag collection, The New Icon Bags, is pure luxury and an ode to quality and excellence. Each piece is unique and has been made with the utmost attention to detail and the most luxurious leather.

New luxury

With this new launch, the brand once again demonstrates its expertise in the magic of creating sophisticated, stylish icons. The excellent finishes of these bags and their elegant and functional design make them perfect for our day-to-day.

Certificate of Origin

Aware of messages of exclusivity and loyal to its commitment to support art and design, Massimo Dutti prints a Certificate of Origin for each of the pieces included in this new collection certifying their quality and that they have been made following local traditions.


This certificate elevates the bags to the category of timeless pieces. With the quality seal of a brand that respects the traditional production processes from their places of origin, the brand certifies that quality standards are met, achieves exclusivity and ensures that all of its creations have perfect details and finishes.