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A few late summer days still remain during which we can emulate one of our favourite fashion editors: Marina Gallo. Her feature articles can be spotted regularly in renowned magazines like Vogue, and she works with big international brands like Massimo Dutti. She’s also made a name for herself in jewellery design, in a very personal project called Ophiuchus. This is how she’s spent (and photographed) her free days.


St Barths: the most coveted coordinates have moved to the Caribbean island of St Barts (diminutive of the French Saint Barthélemy). A volcanic island surrounded by surface reefs and gorgeous natural scenery that make it a favourite of many fashion firms and magazines for photo shoots.

What to pack

Flat sandals (for all day)

Hat: I didn’t take off my Prada sailor hat for my entire holiday, or my classic Hermès terrycloth bucket hat… And I’ve always got a panama

I love simple and minimal clothing, in neutral colours (white, camel, black…)

• Bathing costumes and a bikini

Tunics all day, and men’s shirts for the beach (striped, white, pink and light blue)

Sarongs (one of my favourite pieces for the beach), and you can wear it as a dress for eating at the beach bar, as a turban and as a blanket on the sand

• The temperature is constant here, so I just recommend packing a cashmere sweater and a shawl… no other cold weather wraps needed

Snorkelling mask is a must!

Marina’s favorites

Maya’s Restaurant: a St Bart’s institution and one of my faves. The menu is always changing, and it has a perfect ambience and views of Gustavia.

• The mythical hamburgers at The Select.

Cheval Blanc: perfect for lunch right on Flamands Beach or for a romantic dinner with your partner.

• My favourite beaches (the most peaceful): Salinas, Governour and Colombier… Shell Beach for watching the sunset.

• With kids: the beach in front of the mythical Hotel Eden Rock where the waters are crystalline and the restaurant has incredible views!

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