In Collaboration. Clym Evernden

El reconocido artista Clym Evernden firma una nueva colaboración con Massimo Duti con motivo de la apertura de su última tienda en Cannes.

MODEL MOTHERS with Saskia de Brauw

Our collaboration with Saskia de Brauw, one of the most influential international fashion models, brings spring energy to daily wear looks.

The Intent of Things. Vienna

For the Art Tour project. For The Intent of Things in Vienna, Marit Wolters is the artist selected to exhibit her artwork entitled “Grete’s Legacy”.

Limited Edition 24ss The Event

Melding art and fashion in a very exclusive immersive experience in Paris, reserved for a very select number of guests.

MASSIMO DUTTI 1985. People

Massimo Dutti’s London soiree was attended by a select group of guests from Oli Green’s personal list.

Arco. The Event

In collaboration with Massimo Dutti and AD, designers, artists and creatives from all disciplines came together for a dinner to round off Madrid’s art week.

MASSIMO DUTTI 1985. The Event

Massimo Dutti celebrated the launch of its new Massimo Dutti perfume, 1985 with a special event in London featuring Oli Green, the image of the campaign.

The Intent of Things. London

Jessica Boubetra and Jean-Baptiste Lenglet are two artists working in different disciplines who have come together in recent years to create collaborative sculptural work based on 3D ceramic printing.

The Artists. Jessica Boubetra & Jean-Baptiste Lenglet

Artists Jessica Boubetra & Jean-Baptiste Lenglet exhibit their work to mark the opening of Massimo Dutti’s flagship store in London.


On the occasion of the opening of the Massimo Dutti flagship store in Zurich, Swiss artist Marie Griesmar exhibits her work inspired by marine biology.

The Intent of Things. Zurich

For the Art Tour project. For The Intent of Things in Zurich, Marie Griesmar is the artist selected to exhibit her artwork.

The Artist. Marit Wolters

To mark the opening of Massimo Dutti’s flagship store in Vienna, Marit Wolters exhibits her work “Grete’s Legacy”.

Spirit of summer

Lulu Tenney, one of the most influential models, shares with us exclusively her “must-haves” to live and enjoy a 10 summer.

Spirit of summer

Lucas El Bali, one of the most influential models, shares with us exclusively his “must-haves” to live and enjoy a 10 summer.

Worn By: Lulu Tenney

Model Lulu Tenney inspires us with summer looks where everything revolves around quality and simplicity of lines.

The Paper Editor’s Guide to Mykonos

A summer regular on the Greek island, model Edita Vilkeviciute reveals her favorite Mykonos addresses.

The Paper Editor’s Guide to St. Barths

A summer regular on the Caribbean Island, fashion stylist Marina Gallo reveals her favorite St. Barths addresses.

Worn by: Maja Weyhe

Artist Maja Weyhe inspires us with summer looks to succeed in an environment surrounded by nature, signed by Massimo Dutti.

The Paper Editor’s Guide to French Riviera

A regular on the French coast during the summer, model Aivita Muze reveals her favorite addresses on the French Riviera.

The Paper Editor’s Guide to Ibiza

A regular on the Balearic island during the summer, photographer Alvaro Beamud reveals his favorite Ibiza addresses.

WORN BY: Amalie & Cecilie Moosgaard

Danish sisters Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard inspire us with summery, urban, effortless looks by Massimo Dutti.

The Marble Project

A tribute to the value of Carrara marble sculptures through the intervention with works by Michele Monfroni, in the flagship store in Florence.

The Marble Project. The Artist

Michele Monfroni is the sculptor behind the pieces on display in the Massimo Dutti store in Florence, as part of The Marble Project.

The Marble Project. The Quarry

All the pieces displayed in the Florence store are made of Carrara marble from FF Marble, a company with more than 50 years of history.

An insight into MODEL MOTHERS

Our collaboration with Claudia Knoepfel, one of the most influential international fashion photographers, brings spring energy to daily wear looks.

Art in progress

Massimo Dutti’s commitment to art has led to a new and exceptional collaboration with Gabriel Escámez of Cobalto Studio.

Thomas Broomé. The Artist

Massimo Dutti’s collaboration with the artist Thomas Broomé has resulted in a new look for its shop windows and special gift packaging.

Hiroshi Kitamura

The naturalistic works of Hiroshi Kitamura have decorated the windows of Massimo Dutti’s Florentine store during the Pitti Uomo Trade Show.

In my Father’s Eyes

Father and daughter. Cedric Buchet and his daughter Lennon Buchet Sorrenti together in a story of absolute complicity,

In my Father’s Eyes

Massimo Dutti wanted to celebrate one of the most family-oriented days of the year with a story starring a father and daughter.

Living with Art

A meeting with the two artists who have transformed the shop windows of the Serrano 46 store for the ARCO Madrid fair.

ARCOmadrid 2022 The Film

A cinematographic piece that captures the essence of the work of the artistic duo formed by Adriana Meunié and Jaume Roig.

The Meaning of Love

Massimo Dutti presents “The Meaning of Love”, a fashion story starring international model Parker Van Noord and his family.

Postcard from Megève

This is the après ski collection you need for winter getaways to fashionable resorts.

Clym Evernden X Massimo Dutti

Clym Evernden is an award winning artist and art director with a unique creative eye, named by The Evening Standard as one of London s most influential people.


Massimo Dutti’s commitment to art and young creative talents has led to a new and exceptional collaboration.

The eye and the muse

Australian model Alexandra Agoston posed for an editorial titled ‘The eye & the muse’. She was photographed by her partner, Photographer Chris Colls.

Saint Barthélemey Project

Saint Barthélemey Project, By Marina Gallo & Luis Ridao.


One year later and concurrent with the ARCO Contemporary Art Fair, Massimo Dutti, in partnership with AD, the prestigious Spanish decor magazine, has invited the participation of the distinguished architecture studio, OOAA Architecture, bringing works from artist, Antonia Ferrer, of the Alzueta Gallery

Iker Ochotorena OOAA Arquitectura

Iker Ochotorena leads the architectural studio OOAA, from which he cultivates restraint and simplicity through the use of natural materials and neutral tones (preferably white).


Gonzalo Machado, a well-known international photographer is the protagonist of the first chapter of our new Views section.

Masterclass. Belén Antolín

Belén Antolín, well known as one of the most influential international fashion editors, is our special guest editor for this edition. She shares her unique vision of the latest Massimo Dutti SS21 Seaside Collection.

Now by. Body Care Collection

The new Massimo Dutti Body Care collection conquers the most recognized international prescribers. They have tried and discovered the benefits of this new line of products that represents the firm’s landing in the beauty universe.

Body Care Collection The Makers

Massimo Dutti continues to focus on the world of wellness and beauty by adding a unisex body care line that includes hand cream, shower gel, body lotion, bath wash and hand soap.

Motherhood, Fashion & Music

Annemarieke van Drimmelen one of the most influential international fashion photographers, shares with us different moments from her day-to-day life.


An impressive cast starred in the fashion show presenting Massimo Dutti’s latest SS21 Menswear & Womenswear Limited Edition collections. After the session, the stars shared some aspects of their daily lives.