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In my Father’s Eyes

Massimo Dutti wanted to celebrate one of the most family-oriented days of the year with a story starring a father and daughter. A homage to values as deeply rooted as love, admiration, learning, and shared experiences.

Photos and Film: Vanina Sorrenti
Starring: Cedric Buchet & Lennon Buchet Sorrenti

Father and daughter. Cedric Buchet and his daughter Lennon Buchet Sorrenti are featured together in a story about an unconditional bond that has been photographed by the artist Vanina Sorrenti, who is connected to them by her family tie of wife and mother. A symphony of beautiful shared moments that take place in a setting where, once again, light and nature play a key role.

‘When I started photographing people, it became about the subjects themselves, their energy, and how they were able to share and communicate’. Cedric Buchet.

Love and fashion have been in dialogue for years through unprecedented pieces that cover and uncover. And once again, fashion has become the common thread for the father and daughter to proudly display an unbreakable bond through a film charged with emotion and sensitivity.