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Massimo Dutti Studio

The Call

Massimo Dutti takes the world by surprise with the launch of its latest Massimo Dutti Studio collection in its exclusive Room 48 space.

Massimo Dutti launched the new designs from its new capsule collection at an event that brought together fashion influencers and industry press.

Linear silhouettes, a high level of taste in finishes and textures, and a distinct colour palette.

All visitors were able to enjoy, first hand, the new capsule collection that features the highest quality pieces designed for special occasions and events.

The entire collection is a striking range of monochromatic pieces in stunning colours like fuchsia pink.

Once again, Massimo Dutti caused a sensation with the launch of its new collection in a unique location.

An explosion of colour with sophisticated, striking designs filled the venue with a sense of exclusivity.

Pieces with a secret story to tell and share, turning every daily experience into something eminently special.

Both the food and the styling of the event were in line with the collection’s colours.

An event that clearly expressed the essence of the new Studio collection, showcasing some of the values, like quality and exclusivity, that are at its core.